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    What We Do

    GlobalEcon provides independent, rigorous economic analysis in complex legal, regulatory and policy matters throughout the world.

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    Research and analysis on economic and fiscal effects of regulation, changes in legislation, industry trends, new development, business climates, tax policies, education, and demographics.

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    Our Approach

    Our experts, along with our highly trained and multi-disciplinary staff, apply rigorous, thoughtful, and practical analysis to economic questions. We work with our clients to define the appropriate questions, identify the proper approach, and provide rigorous answers in clear language.

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  • expertise

    Our Team

    Expertise in econometrics, survey design, analysis of massively large databases, finance, and other disciplines, and has experience handling matters of any size and complexity – having worked on some of the most significant matters of the last quarter century.

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Independent Economic Expertise

Global Economic Group brings together world-class thought leaders who have presented before courts and regulatory bodies worldwide; with deep practical experience and a multi-disciplinary staff including econometricians and finance economists. Providing independent and rigorous economic analysis in complex legal, regulatory, and policy matters throughout the world.