Candice Rosevear

Candice Rosevear is Vice President and Head of Data Analytics at Global Economics Group, an economics consulting firm based in Chicago. She specializes in the application of economic, statistic and data science concepts to business and legal issues. She has more than a decade of experience providing consulting services to a wide range of clients, including major law firms, companies and a trade association, in the context of litigation as well as private consulting.

Candice Rosevear
Candice Rosevear
Vice President, Chicago
(312) 470-6512
Financial Regulation; Securities, Valuation, and General Damages; Data Analytics; Labor and Employment

Within the context of litigation, she serves as an expert witness and consultant. She has been responsible for conducting and managing economic, statistical and empirical analyses in various areas, including wage and hour disputes (including FLSA class actions and PAGA representative actions), labor discrimination (including the statistical evaluation of discrimination against protected classes), antitrust, market manipulation detection, securities fraud, valuation and the estimation of economic damages.

Her expertise also includes financial modeling, the analysis of stock and bond price behavior, and the valuation of financial instruments including swaps, options and other financially engineered products. She has been responsible for building, managing and analyzing large and complex multi-dimensional databases on some of the highest profile cases, including the AMD v. Intel antitrust litigation.

In addition, she is the head of Global Economics Group’s Data Analytics practice, which serves clients outside the context of litigation. Global Economics Group’s Data Analytics team helps companies make informed, data-driven decisions and reduce litigation risk. The team includes data scientists, economists and mathematicians, with expertise in predictive modeling, machine learning, explainable AI (xAI), and other powerful data science methods.

Prior to joining Global Economics Group, Candice was a Managing Consultant at Navigant Economics. Prior to that, she worked at Chicago Partners (an economics consulting firm) and the Indiana Supreme Court. Candice holds an M.B.A. in Economics, Finance, and Econometrics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a B.S. in business, magna cum laude, from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis.