The Global Economics Group team has experience handling complex litigation, regulatory, and policy matters in jurisdictions around the world. Our experts have worked on matters in the European Union, at the European Commission as well as many Member States; Latin America including Brazil and Mexico; and the Asia/Pacific Region including Australia, China, Korea, Singapore, and New Zealand.

A number of these matters have been multi-jurisdictional. For example, team members worked on antitrust cases involving similar issues for Microsoft in the United States, the European Union, and Korea. In other cases we have conducted field research in multiple geographies. For example, in a consultation with the Government of Singapore on OTC commodity derivatives regulation we did field interviews and conducted research on derivatives regulation in the US, EU, and Japan.

GlobalEcon has key team members on the ground in the European Union based in London, in China based in Beijing and Shanghai, and in Singapore. Most GlobalEcon projects draw on the best staff from multiple geographies and the team is accustomed to working closely using video conferencing and shared databases. However, each project is led by an expert from the particular jurisdiction in which a matter occurs and often someone who is well known by the local regulatory authorities and courts.

In addition to our team members in China, Singapore and the European Union, GlobalEcon has a network of economic experts around the world. It is likely that we can find you the best expert or consulting organization in most major countries around the world.