The Online Advertising Industry- Economics, Evolution, And Privacy

By Global Economics Group on March 17, 2011

David S. Evans, Chairman of Global Economics Group, provides a prominent new article on the economics expanding online advertising industry. In The Online Advertising Industry: Economics, Evolution, and Privacy, (Forthcoming: Journal of Economic Perspectives) Dr. Evans supplies an overview of the economics of online advertising, explaining the different types of online advertising, how they are sold to advertisers and presented to consumers. He also addresses the issue that online advertisers have the ability to create more targeted and personalized advertisements than have ever been possible in the past, and that this ability has the potential to exceed its usefulness and intrude on a user’s privacy. He acknowledges the delicate balance that this industry faces between protecting a user’s privacy and providing useful and relevant advertisements to the user. Dr. Evans concludes in part, that competition among advertising platforms may not necessarily result in the optimal provision of privacy. The Online Advertising Industry- Economics, Evolution, And Privacy