Global Economics Group Adds Preeminent Experts, Discusses the Ongoing Price Manipulation Research of Dr. Rosa Abrantes-Metz, Highlights Recent Securities Settlement Recoveries, and Promotes Peter Hickey to Partner

By Abel M. Mateus on June 6, 2014

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Chicago, June 6, 2014

Global Economics Group is pleased to announce the recent addition of Dr. Nejat Seyhun as an affiliate and David Tenenbaum as a full time Principal, further bolstering the firm’s Securities and Intellectual Property practices.

Dr. Seyhun is a Professor of Finance at the University of Michigan and is also the Director of the Financial Engineering program at that institution. Dr. Seyhun’s research activity focuses on backdating of executive options, risk-return trade-off in asset prices, intra-day impact of insider trading, long-run performance of IPOs, managerial overconfidence, Chinese walls and conflicts of interest in securities firms, option pricing, and conflict between information efficiency and rewards to information gathering. His backdating work with M.P. Narayanan has helped uncover one of the biggest corporate scandals of recent years, bringing to light a business practice with numerous legal, ethical and corporate governance implications. Dr. Seyhun has also worked as a consultant and testifying expert in various high-profile matters with regard to market efficiency and securities damages.

David Tenenbaum recently joined the firm as a Principal. Mr. Tenenbaum has focused his consulting practice over the past 25 years on valuation of intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets in litigation, transactional, and tax planning contexts. Specifically, Mr. Tenenbaum has vast experience leading engagements that involve the preparation and evaluation of claims for economic loss, including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret matters. Mr. Tenenbaum also has extensive experience in valuation of full-ownership and partial rights to IP and other intangible assets in a variety of transactional settings, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, granting of security interests, bankruptcy and reorganization, and licenses. In addition, Mr. Tenenbaum has advised clients on the determination of arm’s length compensation for IP rights, marketing intangibles, and professional services in related-party transactions.

Dr. Rosa Abrantes-Metz, meanwhile, has continued to garner significant media coverage with respect to her research on price manipulation matters. Dr. Abrantes-Metz initially raised price manipulation irregularities with regard to the Libor rate and now has expanded that research to include several commodity areas as well as for derivative markets. Most recently she has been playing a leading role in providing empirical evidence supportive of a collusion and manipulation of a key gold price benchmark. In addition, she has been advising regulatory agencies around the world on principles for financial benchmark setting. Dr. Abrantes-Metz has been interviewed, cited, and written opinion articles in numerous publications including but not limited to The Economist, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, BNN Canada and the BBC.

Global Economics’ securities practice, led by Chad Coffman, continues to be involved with numerous large-scale cases and his damages analyses have been utilized by counsel to reach large settlements including: Bank of America for $2.4 billion, Citi Bondholders for $730 million, Wachovia for $500 million, and Schering-Plough for $473 million.

During 2013, Peter Hickey, as a result of his continued success as a consulting and testifying expert in the areas of securities, valuation and general damages, was made Partner of the firm.

About Global Economics Group

Global Economics Group was founded by David Evans, Roger Hickey, and Chad Coffman. David Evans, GlobalEcon’s chairman, was a top executive at NERA Economic Consulting before he was recruited by LECG in 2004 to lead its global competition policy practice, one of the world’s largest antitrust economics groups. He has led teams of experts and testified on some of the most prominent antitrust cases on record including U.S. v. AT&T, U.S. v. Microsoft, VisaCheck/MasterMoney Antitrust Litigation, and the European Commission v. Microsoft. Evans holds teaching positions at the University of Chicago and the University College London.

Roger Hickey, GlobalEcon’s CEO, was the founder and CEO of Chicago Partners, a top U.S. economic consulting firm sold to Navigant in 2008. He has led large teams on valuation, securities and intellectual property matters. Chad Coffman, GlobalEcon’s president, has a national securities and valuation practice and has served as an expert in some of the largest securities cases on record, including Bank of America, Parmalat, Enron, Countrywide, Citi Bondholders, Wachovia Bondholders, and WorldCom, among others. He is frequently retained by mediators and arbitrators to serve as the neutral expert.

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