Setting Krugman Straight

By Richard Epstein on August 20, 2014

Over at the Hoover Institution Journal, Richard Epstein has a new article: Setting Krugman Straight. He begins it with:

The recent story in the New York Magazine, Has the ˜Libertarian Moment’ Arrived? by Robert Draper, has given rise to a great deal of speculation about whether we are poised for another great political transformation. Needless to say, the prospect of this moment fills the New York Times set with dread. The Times’ all-purpose scold Paul Krugman followed up Draper’s tell-all story with his own harsh critique of libertarian economics in his column Phosphorus and Freedom. He concludes that it is foolish for defenders of free market economics to believe that we have a vastly bigger and more intrusive government than we need. Unfortunately, Krugman knows nothing about the libertarian principles that he blithely dismisses.

For the rest of the article, see Setting Krugman Straight, as linked above.