Announcing the Publication of Juan Delgado’s Book, Green Energy and Efficiency: An Economic Perspective

By Juan Delgado on December 12, 2014

Juan Delgado, Managing Director of the Madrid office of Global Economics Group, is the co-editor of the newly-published book Green Energy and Efficiency: An Economic Perspective. The book, published by Springer, addresses the major issues associated with green energy and energy efficiency and provides in-depth explorations of up-to-date research developments through dedicated chapters by experts in the field.

The book covers a broad spectrum of energy and climate related issues dealing with the promotion, implementation and evaluation of green energy and efficiency policies. Juan also contributes to the book with the chapter Interactions Between Climate Policies in the Power Sector which analyses the coexistence of different policy instruments to fight climate change in the power sector.

The book is available at Springer, here.

About the Author

Juan Delgado
Director, Madrid, Spain
+34 914 456 269