An Instant Classic: Rochet & Tirole, Platform Competition in Two-Sided Markets

By Richard Schmalensee on February 3, 2015

Richard Schmalensee’s introduction to the classic Rochet & Tirole article, Platform Competition in Two-Sided Markets, as published in Competition Policy International, January (2015):

The press release announcing that Jean Tirole had been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
noted that he had made important theoretical research contributions in a number of areas. One of his most
important contributions was the discovery and pioneering analysis of multi-sided platforms in his
2003 paper with Jean-Charles Rochet, Platform Competition in Two-Sided Markets. According to Google
Scholar, this paper has been cited over 1800 times, fourth among Jean’s many papers.

The Rochet & Tirole
paper has spawned an enormous literature in a very short time”over 200 papers by the end of 2012,
and the economics of multi-sided platforms is now a standard component of graduate courses in industrial
organization. The RT paper is the first post-2000 academic paper to be deemed a classic by Competition Policy
, an honor it richly deserves….

Download and read the complete article here.

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