Xinzhu Zhang

Dr Xinzhu Zhang specializes in applying economic theory to analyze relevant economic facts in competition cases. He has written extensively on competition and antitrust issues. He was deeply involved in the drafting process of the Chinese anti-monopoly law and the pre-merger notification policy for the State Council and Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of PR China. Dr. Zhang also has advised governments and private companies on the market implications of regulatory reform and consulted in a number of cases in the payment card industry, electricity industry, telecommunication industry, and various consumer products industries.

Xinzhu Zhang
Xinzhu Zhang
Director, Beijing
+86 (10) 6522-5034
Antitrust/Competition Policy

Dr. Zhang has also been a consultant to regulatory agencies, companies, and governments regarding regulatory policy and reform and competition law and policy. For instance, he was a consultant for the World Bank on regulatory reform in telecommunications, electric power, railways, and competition policy in China. Other consulting engagements include the Asia Development Bank on regulatory reform in China’s electric power sector, Ministry of Information Industry on interconnection pricing and tariff reform, State Electricity Regulatory Commission on capacity building of regulatory agency in electricity, State Council Office for Restructuring the Economic Systems on establishing regulatory framework for China’s infrastructure sectors, State Legal Affair Office on the draft of China’s telecommunications act and competition law and pre-notification Regulation, China Mobile on evaluation of impacts of charging regime reform, analysis of enter-and-exit behavior, and incentives in multitask, China Telecom on costing methodologies for telecommunications services, China Unicom on tariff design and strategy for internet interconnection, China Unionpay on interchange fees, China Grid Power Company on evaluation of impacts of transmission-distribution separation, and the Ministry of Commerce on guidelines to market definitions and competition analysis.

Dr. Zhang received his PhD from the University of Toulouse I, France in 1997 and was employed as an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences until 2001. Prior to his affiliation with Global Economics Group, he was an Adjunct Professor at North-East University of Finance and Economics and an Adjunct Professor at Shandong University, both in China.


Honors and Awards

  • National Award for Excellent Performance of Those Educated and Coming Back from Oversees, awarded jointly by Ministry of Central Party Organization, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Central Party Public Relations, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Central Party Unified Alliance, and Ministry of Science and Technology, 2003
  • President’s Awards for Excellence for the Outstanding Support and Partnership Provided to Supporting Infrastructure Regulators Team for the Year 2002, The World Bank, 2002

Representative Publications


  • Regulation and Competition in China, Co-editor (with Michael Faure), 2011, Forthcoming, Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Empirical Study on China’s Regulated Sectors, (with Y. Ma and Y. Feng), 2011, forthcoming, China Social Sciences Press
  • Study on the Management System Reform of China’s Power Grid, (with Y. Feng and Y. Ma), 2010, Jiangxi Renmin Press
  • Practice of Public Utilities Reform under Urbanization in China, Chief Editor, 2008, Intellectual Property Press
  • Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy in China’s Railways, Chief Editor, 2004, State Administration Institute Press

Articles (English)

  • China’s Approach to Compulsory Licensing of Intellectual Property under Its Anti-Monopoly Law, (with Michael Jacobs), Competition Policy International, Vol. 6, No. 2, Autumn, 2010.
  • Chinese Merger Control: Patterns and Implications, (with Yanhua Zhang), Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 6(2): 477-496, 2010; doi: 10.1093/joclec/nhp029
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Articles (Chinese)

  • Regulatory Institutional Reform as a Requisite for Convergence, Journal of China Reform, No. 1-2, 2011.
  • The Logic of Increasing Block Pricing, Journal of China Reform, No.12, 2010.
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