Brendan Burke

Principal, Chicago

(773) 671-6657


Brendan Burke is a Principal at Global Economics Group. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and has over 15 years of experience in economic and statistical consulting. Dr. Burke has a national practice in labor and employment matters. He has provided consulting and expert testimonial services in wage and hour, as well as labor discrimination matters, among many other areas. His clients have included large health care firms, construction industry leaders, telecommunications firms, and others.

Dr. Burke has provided expert testimony and reports in both Federal and State courts. In addition to labor and employment consulting, Dr. Burke has provided testimony regarding the costs of caring for foster children in a number of class action suits. Dr. Burke also was instrumental in assisting in the redesign of public magnet school magnet statistical admissions policies for two major metropolitan cities. These matters involved schools reaching appropriate socioeconomic student targets without violating discrimination law.

In addition, Dr. Burke has provided expert opinions on the use of medical billing data by insurers to establish out-of-network rates for medical procedures. He has also served on fair lending committees for large financial institutions to assist in statistical analysis to ensure compliance with federal and state regulators.

Dr. Burke has also provided consulting services regarding using statistical and financial methods for valuing firms and intellectual property. Finally, Dr. Burke has extensive experience using complex econometric methods to evaluate pricing structures in the context of anti-trust matters.



Labor and Employment

• Analysis of alleged age discrimination in corporate reductions in force.

Statistical analysis of alleged discrimination in performance reviews.

• Complex analysis of time in motion using GPS data in wage and hour lawsuits.

• Wage and Hour matters with multiple complex data sources and missing data.

Statistical Matters

• Studies of urban areas by census-block for magnet school lottery techniques for large cities.

• Statistical analysis of lending patterns for large banks to ensure compliance with fair lending rules and laws.

• Studies of the methods and data used by health insurers to calculate appropriate out-of-network reimbursement rates.

• Analysis of the cost of adding foster children to a home.

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